“He is Not Dead, but He Sleepeth in God”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

After spending some time in the king's chambers, which to the queen were many anxious moments, Ammon came out rejoicing in the Lord. Be comforted was his message to the queen, your husband is not dead, "but he sleepeth in God." On the morrow he shall rise from his bed where now he is ridden; therefore, heed not those who say the king is dead, and "bury him not."

Ammon sought now to impress upon the mind of the queen the truth of his words. There is no doubt that they brought light to a mind overwhelmed with darkness; they brought solace to a heart full of anguish; they brought peace to a troubled soul. His words were like dew on a desert waste; they were as water to the famished soil. They sustained her when grief and affliction flowed deeply over her. The light of God's countenance began to illumine the queen's face.

"Believest thou this?" Ammon inquired of her faith in his words as he beheld a change in the queen's aspect. There was a change without, therefore he knew there had been a change within her heart. Almost timidly for her station in life, certainly humbly, the queen gave answer that in spite of the counsel others had given her about the king's death, and in spite of their many dubious opinions concerning his good or bad condition, she believed "that it shall be according as thou hast said."

As in songs of praise, Ammon's heart was lifted to God on High for His blessings to this dark-skinned Lamanitish woman. Dark was her skin, but the light that shone through her eyes made bright her whole being. Ammon called down the blessings of Heaven upon her because of her faith. Among all the people of the Nephites, Ammon noted, there had not been such great faith as was shown by this woman; this woman who was a daughter of rebellious Laman and Lemuel.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3