“The King Shall Rise on the Morrow”

Monte S. Nyman

After going with the queen to see her unconscious husband, Ammon bore testimony to her (vv. 8–9). He complimented her for her faith (v. 10), but patiently waited for the Spirit to work upon her also. She was likewise patient and devotedly waited another day at her husband’s side, believing that Ammon knew the time set for her husband to arise. The time period of King Lamoni’s cleansing and rebirth was about the same as Alma’s had been—about three days.

The king experienced the spirit of prophecy. He received the testimony of Jesus, his Redeemer. He learned of the Savior’s birth and redemption mission (v. 13). After bearing his testimony, he again fell into unconsciousness, but this time it was caused by his joy. He was probably being further rejuvenated with the light and glory of God. Apparently unknown to the king, his wife was also overpowered by the Spirit (v. 13). Ammon’s patience with her may have been inspired to allow this to happen, but the text does not give us any more information. The Lord brings about his purposes in his own way and time.

Book of Mormon Commentary: The Record of Alma