“Behold He is Feeding Thy Horses”

Bryan Richards

So many principles of good missionary work can be seen in the actions of Ammon. We have already discussed how it was his hope to establish a relationship of trust with the king and his servants. Nevertheless, he was not anxious to seek the praise of the king for his bravery. He did not go into Lamoni and say, "Look what I did for you!" Instead, he was strict to observe king Lamoni's commandments to the last detail.

The lessons learned are that 1) before teaching an investigator, one must first establish a relationship of trust, 2) humility has a great effect on the investigator, and 3) integrity and obedience will demonstrate one's good intentions.

Carlos E. Asay

"The transfusion of truth and testimony is facilitated when the actions of teachers confirm the spoken word. Such transfusion begins when the missionary or member addresses the listener in the spirit of truth and with a clear eye. It progresses as pure motive is revealed and honest testimony is shared. It culminates when commitments are drawn and behavior is made to conform with the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as modeled by the messenger." (The Seven M's of Missionary Service, p. 88)