“Ammon is Carried Before the King of the Land of Ishmael”

Monte S. Nyman

While the other servants of the king feared for their lives in seeing the flocks scattered, Ammon saw it as an opportunity to gain the confidence of his fellow servants and be able to teach them the plan of salvation (v. 29). He understood the concept later spoken by the Lord to the Prophet Joseph Smith in the Liberty, Missouri jail: “Know thou my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good” (D&C 122:7). Ammon also had the ability to console his fellow workers and to convince them to overcome the difficult situation in which they found themselves (Alma 17:31). Of course, the Lord’s Spirit was attending Ammon and influencing the servants. Ammon may also have been remembering the Lord’s promise to his father, King Mosiah, “that many shall believe on [his sons] words” (Mosiah 28:7). If this supposition is correct, it is an example of the fourth requirement for being an effective missionary, the individual blessings given to each missionary that will help make them successful, if followed (Alma 17:18).

Book of Mormon Commentary: The Record of Alma