“Another Army of the Lamanites Came in Upon the People of Nephi”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

A short time after, that is not many days later, another army of Lamanites commenced an invasion of the Nephite Lands which the first army of allied Amlicites and Lamanites had attempted. This army of Lamanites was evidently associated with, and was part of the unholy alliance. But their campaign plans had been upset by the Nephite's strong defense. But, nevertheless, it attacked where its leaders thought was the Nephites' weakest point. They took not into consideration that the Nephites called upon God for strength and fortitude to drive them out of their possessions. The Lord gave them succor according to their needs.

In the preceding battle their leader, Alma, had suffered a wound which prevented him from again leading the Nephite armies. With a "numerous army" which Alma sent against them, the Nephites slew many of the Lamanites, and the rest, they drove "them out of the borders of their land."

The Nephites now feeling secure from further attack began to associate themselves in the peaceful things of life, and to build up the interrupted work of God's Kingdom here upon the earth. Thanks to Him for their deliverance from Lamanitish hatred was the thought uppermost in their minds, and they went to work with constant diligence in repairing the "bulwarks and battlements" of that great Kingdom.

Thus passed the fifth year of the Judge's Reign, and knowing the strength of the Nephites, their enemies troubled them no more for some time to come.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3