“They Did Not Wear Costly Apparel, Yet They Were Neat and Comely”

Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

Do we maintain a good balance in our lives—being “neat and comely” without going to prideful excess in our appearance? The word comely comes from an Old English word meaning lovely or delicate—hence the modern implication is to be wholesomely pleasing and attractive in appearance. The word comely is used in the scriptures to describe that which is suitable and appropriate, for example, “In that day shall the branch of the LORD be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel” (Isaiah 4:2). “I have likened the daughter of Zion to a comely and delicate woman” (Jeremiah 6:2).

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 1