EVIDENCE: Death of Nehor (Alma 1:11–15)

Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

A forceful and articulate man, Nehor preached false doctrine and introduced priestcraft among the Nephites, even establishing his own church. When he attempted to enforce his priestcraft with the sword, Nehor received the penalty of death. His execution, as well as that of the later traitor, Zemnarihah (see 3 Nephi 4:28–33), hearkens back to an ancient practice. According to Hugh Nibley, tradition holds that fallen angels named Harut and Marut “first corrupted the word of God and as a result hang to this day between heaven and earth confessing their sin. Their counterpart in Jewish tradition is the angel Shamhozai, who ‘repented, and by way of penance hung himself up between heaven and earth’” (Echoes, 476).

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 1