strtoupper('“T')o Establish Peace Throughout the Land”

In Mosiah 29:14, King Mosiah2 points out he has labored with all his power to "establish peace throughout the land, that there should be no wars nor contentions, no stealing, nor plundering, nor murdering, nor any manner of iniquity." John Welch notes that in the Book of Mormon, in statements relevant to internal domestic affairs, robbery is not mentioned; thus, whether the passages concern Benjamin's people (Mosiah 2:13), or the Lamanites (Mosiah 24:7), or Mosiah's people, the ancient distinction between community theft and external group robbery is maintained. [For an in depth discussion on the differences between the terms "theft" and "robbery," see John W. Welch, "Theft and Robbery in the Book of Mormon and Ancient Near Eastern Law," F.A.R.M.S.]

Alan C. Miner -

Alan C. Miner

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