strtoupper('“S')ayingstrtoupper(': W')e Are Desirous That Aaron Thy Son Should Be Our King and Our Ruler”

During the first nine verses of this chapter Mosiah struggles with his people trying to figure out how best to select a successor for the throne. It is not until verse 11 that Mosiah tells the Nephites what the solution should be. However, he doesn't mention that this came as a revelation from the Lord. It is clear over in Helaman 4:22 that we learn that the Lord commanded Mosiah to no longer have kings to rule over the people. Instead they are to have a system of judges set up over the people.

We begin this chapter with Mosiah trying to get advice from the people as to the best method of selecting a successor.

It is interesting that Mosiah's son, Aaron, was very popular among the people but that didn't solve the problem. Mosiah explains why.

W. Cleon Skousen -

W. Cleon Skousen

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