“Alma Son of Alma and Others Travel Throughout the Land”

Monte S. Nyman

It is not clear how many people were with Alma at the time of the angel’s appearance, but for certain four of the sons of Mosiah were present. Others were rebelling, but may not have been present. Their travels throughout the land was a step in their repentance. They were seeking to make restitution for rebelling against God and his church. While restitution for some sins is impossible or difficult to make directly, indirect restitution can be made by endeavoring to keep others from making similar mistakes. The sons of Mosiah were trying to correct the damage they had caused to come upon the church (v. 35). They were successful with many. Mormon concludes his abridgment of this section by commenting on their work of teaching throughout the land (v. 37) through paraphrasing Isaiah’s prophecy of publishing peace (Isaiah 52:7).

Book of Mormon Commentary: These Records Are True