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Rom. 6:6; Alma 5:14; A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, McConkie, pp. 282-284; refer in this text to Mosiah 5:2, 7

“The Holy Ghost is a cure and a preventative. While you have the companionship of the Holy Ghost, the cleansing power of the Atonement is operating in your life.” (Henry B. Eyring, BYU Devotional, Oct. 29, 1989)
“The experience of each individual who is really born again is similar to this experience of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, although it may not be so dramatic. The effect upon each person’s life is likewise similar.” (Marion G. Romney, Conference Report, Oct. 1941, pp. 89-91)
“Though they are real and powerful, they are the exception more than the rule. For every Paul, for every Enos, and for every King Lamoni, [and Alma], there are hundreds and thousands of people who find the process of repentance much more subtle, much more imperceptible. Day by day they move closer to the Lord, little realizing they are building a godlike life.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, Oct. 1989, p. 5)
“The very process of being born again spiritually is not a one-time occurrence. Hence, Paul said that he died ‘daily’ (I Cor. 15:31). Such is the process of putting off the old self as one becomes a woman or a man of God. Quick change artists are rare. I have not seen many put off the old and put on the new very rapidly.” (Neal A. Maxwell, BYU Fireside, 12/2/84)
K. Douglas Bassett -

K. Douglas Bassett

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon