strtoupper('O')pposition from Within the Nephite Society

refer in this text to Jacob 5:77

“Many students who enroll at LDS Church-owned universities and colleges are caught off guard when they discover opposition in what they believed would be a trouble-free environment… . But frequently, just when they believe they’ve left their opposition behind … these students discover that opposition has stowed away on board, for it crawls out of the closet when they have hardly unpacked their bags. There may be unstable roommates who have not yet made a genuine break from their habits of the past; there may be disappointments with what appeared to be ideal arrangements for housing or classes; or, surprisingly, there may be new forms of temptation to which the unsuspecting are especially vulnerable when they let down their normal guard… . But, if our Church campuses are the Garden of Eden, they unfortunately still have their share of serpents.” (Bruce C. Hafen, The Broken Heart, pp. 64-65)
K. Douglas Bassett -

K. Douglas Bassett

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon