“King Mosiah Granted Unto Alma That He Might Establish Churches Throughout All The Land Of Zarahemla”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

Alma, under the direction of King Mosiah, now want throughout all the land organizing branches of the Church. It was, of course, impossible for the priests and teachers of one congregation to care for the needs of all the Saints. It was for this reason that Alma established seven different branches of the Church in the Land of Zarahemla.

Every branch had its own priests and teachers who taught only what Alma taught them. To prevent any speculation and any private opinion from influencing their teachings, nothing was taught by them except it were "repentance and faith in God."

Thus did Alma enlarge the number of, may we say, the stakes and wards in Zion, and thus he provided many persons an opportunity to serve who, otherwise, may have been forgotten.

And then, the Sacred Record says, "It came to pass that whosoever were desirous to take upon them the name of Christ, or of God, they did join the churches of God; And they were called the people of God. And the Lord did pour out his Spirit upon them, and they were blessed, and prospered in the land."

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2