strtoupper('“M')osiah Did Read the Records of Zeniff to His People”

Mosiah read the complete history of Zeniff's people as it was contained in the records which had been kept by them. He read how Zeniff, a determined but not a very wise man, gathered his followers in Zarahemla about him, and led them to the old homes of their fathers in Lehi-Nephi. He read how Zeniff made a treaty with Laman, who was king of the Lamanites in that land, and how Zeniff's people began to repair and recover the homes of their immediate ancestors which had been allowed to go into disrepair by Lamanite squatters.

Mosiah also read that Zeniff's people had prospered when they kept the commandments of the Lord; that they were a goodly people, and that they strictly observed the Law of Moses. The records of Zeniff showed that among them were men who held God's Holy Priesthood.

Then he read of Zeniff's death, and of the evil reign of Noah, Zeniff's son who succeeded him. He repeated the words of the Prophet Abinadi. He read of the Prophet's cruel martyrdom, and the rebuke of the Lord, pronounced by Abinadi, to King Noah, calling him to repent.

Mosiah read to the multitude about the wicked ways into which their brethren had been led by the priests of King Noah, and that vicious and degrading bondage was the result of their iniquities.

Finally, he read that the Nephites repented and in great sorrow sought the Lord to deliver them from their sore oppression. He also read, as many who were gathered there testified, that the repentant Nephites under King Limhi escaped the horrible persecutions of the Lamanites, and were at last led to their loved ones in Zarahemla by the Lord.

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl -

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2