“They Did Submit Cheerfully and with Patience to All the Will of the Lord”

Bryan Richards

Joseph B. Wirthlin

"Despite life-threatening persecutions, Alma's people were faithful. They listened to his exhortations and remained steadfast even in the face of heavy oppression. How often do we waver in our faith when faced with difficulty or opposition? We would do well to remember the example of Alma and his people, who stand as witnesses that the Lord will always 'visit [his] people in their afflictions.' The Lord will ease our burdens if we will 'submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.' And when we are blessed, let us not forget to humbly and joyfully acknowledge our thanks for God's blessings." (Heroes From the Book of Mormon, pp. 91-2)

Elaine Cannon

"Life is like that. When we can't change a circumstance, we can either grit our teeth and hang on with clenched jaws, or we can submit cheerfully until change occurs. And with God's help we can learn some important lessons. We can feel peace." (Adversity, p. 61)