strtoupper('“I')n the Strength of the Lord”

Zeniff recorded that they fought “in the strength of the Lord” when battling the Lamanites (see Mosiah 9:16–18; 10:10–11, 19). Although Zeniff’s people were greatly outnumbered, they overcame their Lamanite aggressors with comparatively few casualties. Their success was due to their faithfulness to God. The Lord heard their cries and blessed them with strength. Throughout the Book of Mormon we see that giving strength to His people is one of God’s tender mercies. Benjamin’s people in Zarahemla were victorious over the Lamanites because they fought “in the strength of the Lord” (Words of Mormon 1:14).

In the book of Alma, the success of the Nephite armies can be attributed to their ability to trust in God to assist them in their battles and not in the size of the army (see Alma 2:27–31; 43:49–51; 56:56). Although our battles may not be physical warfare, the phrase “in the strength of the Lord” teaches us that we too can ask for assistance from God to grant us strength to triumph over our foes.

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