“King Benjamin Lived Three Years and He Died”

Bryan Richards
"Everything known about King Benjamin gives the distinct impression that he was a very Christlike man, whose life was characterized dominantly by humility, love, and service. His many sterling traits of character were amplified as he used them to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a true father to his people—the father of one of the most flourishing periods in Nephite civilization." (John W. Welch, King Benjamin's Speech: Made Simple, p. 48)

Neal A. Maxwell

"We can be sure that King Benjamin endured well and meekly in the remaining three years of his life after his great sermon (as he taught us to do; see Mosiah 4:30).
"One wonders if he still worked in his garden, at least a little bit. If so, did passersby stop to greet him? Did they perhaps notice, near the end, that he was not in his garden anymore?
"Revered as Benjamin was, what an engaging experience it must have been to hear him preach personally—especially while sitting in one's family circle in a tent facing the temple.
"But we can hear him now. If we read him reverently, the intervening centuries soon melt away. His earnestness emerges, and his personableness almost caresses us, giving King Benjamin such immediacy and high relevancy as his example combines with such powerful words about discipleship. I wonder if, like meek President Spencer W. Kimball, meek Benjamin also did not realize how unique he was in the eyes of the Lord. How blessed we are to have such models." (John W. Welch, and Stephen D. Ricks, King Benjamin's Speech: Made Simple, pp. 19-20)