“They Might Rejoice and Be Filled with Love Towards God and All Men”

W. Cleon Skousen

It is significant that this was almost like a great thanksgiving conference. Notice how thankful there were that their ancestors had escaped from the destruction of Jerusalem around 476 years earlier. They were also very thankful that Benjamin, when he was still their young warrior king, had succeeded in driving out the Lamanites when they made their first excursion across the narrow strip of wilderness and invaded the great Sidon valley where Zarahemla was located. They were thankful for righteous men to teach them gospel principles and grateful for a king who was one of the most just and exemplary rulers in ancient history. He taught them to honor the law of Moses and love one another.

And now we get a description of the way the tents of the huge audience were arranged around the temple.

Treasures from the Book of Mormon