“Dwindled in Unbelief”

Joseph F. McConkie, Robert L. Millet
The Mulekite civilization is a classic illustration of a nation without the anchor of scriptural writ going adrift in a troubled sea (see 1 Nephi 4:13; Omni 1:17).

“Would Have Dwindled in Unbelief”

The best of memory is no match for the written word. Scripture is the memory of a nation. It is a perpetual flame- a constant source of light and warmth. King Benjamin suggested that even their faithful fathers, the likes of Lehi, Nephi, and Jacob, “would have dwindled in unbelief” had they not had scriptural records to keep the commandments of God constantly before their eyes. One experienced gospel teacher has observed that he had never seen anyone who was consistent in scriptural study and at the same time remiss in keeping the covenants he had made with God.

Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2