“He Had Three Sons and He Called Their Names Mosiah and Helorum, and Helaman”

Alan C. Miner

At the beginning of the book of Mosiah, Mormon mentions that King Benjamin "had three sons, Mosiah, Helorum, and Helaman" (Mosiah 1:2). Because Mosiah2 is listed first, we can probably assume that he was the oldest, and that perhaps Helorum and Helaman were born at 2-4 year intervals after Mosiah2 was born. In Mosiah 1:9, Mormon mentions that Benjamin "waxed old," and "therefore, he thought it expedient that he should confer the kingdom upon one of his sons." We find that very quickly he did so, conferring the kingdom upon Mosiah2. According to Mosiah 6:4, Mosiah2 "began to reign in the thirtieth year of his age." Thus, if the term "old" as Mormon applied it to King Benjamin means an age somewhere between 60 and 70, then Mosiah2 was born when King Benjamin was between 30 and 40 years of age. If Benjamin assumed the kingship at the same age as his son Mosiah2 (age 30) then Mosiah2 and his brothers would have been born after Benjamin became king. Whether Benjamin was married for a number of years before he became king, or whether he had other sons or daughters before Mosiah2 is unknown. [Alan C. Miner, Personal Notes] [See the commentary on Mosiah 2:28-30] [See Appendix A]

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