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In this struggle the Nephites were supported by the Lord. But they had to slay many thousands of the Lamanites. Finally this persistent enemy was driven out of the land. After that, the next disruptive force was false Christs. They not only came as wicked impostors, but committed crimes that had to be prosecuted. In addition to false Christs, the land of Zarahemla was put in an uproar as a result of false prophets and false preachers and false teachers. King Benjamin did not ignore them just because they came in the name of religion. The moment they committed overt acts or offenses against the law, he had them punished. As we shall see later, it was the law among the Nephites that each citizen could believe or disbelieve anything he wished. Nevertheless, he could not violate the law even if it were done as part of his religious convictions.

Mormon describes king Benjamin as a holy man who reigned over his people in righteousness. He was assisted by other righteous men who joined him in preaching the word of God with power and authority. They were compelled to use much sharpness of language, however, because of the resistance of the people to their message. Nevertheless, king Benjamin, after laboring with all his might and all his soul, did succeed, with the help of the other prophets who assisted him, in restoring peace among the people.

W. Cleon Skousen -

W. Cleon Skousen

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