“All the Lands of Their Inheritance”

Brant Gardner

The Nephites are successful in driving he Lamanites from "all the lands of their inheritance." In this case, the "lands of their inheritance" are the lands surrounding Zarahemla. The "land of inheritance" is usually reserved for the land of Nephi, but it is unlikely that this reference includes the city of Nephi, as the land of Nephi is inhabited by Lamanites during the entire reign of Zeniff and Noah who returned to that location. Since we have not yet reached the point in Mosiah when those peoples are reunited with Zarahemla, and this appears to postdate Amaleki's description of the Zeniff's party leaving for that land, we can assume that the land of first inheritance remained firmly in Lamanite hands at this point.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon