“Concerning This King Benjamin”

Monte S. Nyman

The brief overview of the people of King Benjamin’s battle with the Lamanites shows the secret of their success: to contend “in the strength of the Lord” (v. 14). Confirmation of this concept will be given repeatedly throughout the remainder of the Book of Mormon (see for examples Mosiah 9:17; 10:10). King Benjamin’s personal use of the sword of Laban illustrates its durability with a hilt “of pure gold” and a blade of “the most precious steel” (1 Nephi 4:9). By this time it would be over four hundred years old, Nephi having obtained it about 600 B.C. and King Benjamin using it several years before 130 B.C. Of course it had been given special care as a sacred keepsake among the Nephites (see Mosiah 1:16).

Book of Mormon Commentary: These Records Are True