“These Plates and Those Handed Down by the Kings”

Monte S. Nyman

Although Amaleki said “these plates are full” (Omni 1:30), he apparently knew he was to leave some room for a future writer. Mormon’s statement that “after Amaleki had delivered up these plates into the hands of King Benjamin” (Words of Mormon 1:10; emphasis added) strongly suggests that Mormon was engraving upon the same plates that Amaleki had engraven his record. The other alternative is that Mormon had attached a plate or two to the smaller plates of Nephi. Regardless, Mormon again traces the passing down of both plates to his time. The smaller set of plates ended at the time of Amaleki, but they were still passed on with the larger set of plates until the time of Mormon. The importance of the plates to God to Mormon’s people is once more emphasized. The remaining verses of the Words of Mormon, concerning Benjamin (vv. 12–18), will be included in the following chapter of this work.

Book of Mormon Commentary: These Records Are True