“Coriantumr Dwelt with Them for the Space of Nine Moons”

Bryan Richards

Coriantumr was the last surviving Jaredite, except for Ether whom the Lord preserved to preserve the history of their destruction. We are not told how long the Mulekites had been living in Zarahemla when Coriantumr came and dwelt with them. However, the fact that he was a contemporary of the Mulekites, means that there was a time period after the arrival of Mulek's party, when all three groups, the Nephites, the Mulekites, and the Jaredites, were living in the Americas without knowledge of each other. This underscores the fact that all three groups were located in geographically separate areas, the Jaredites in the land northward (v. 22), the Nephites to the south in the land of Nephi, and the Mulekites in the middle.