“The Lord Had Sent the People of Mosiah”

Alan C. Miner

Although nothing is said directly about the future of the Mulekite leader Zarahemla, apparently there was enough prestige or power associated with his family so that future reference is made. First, Ammon, who was sent by Mosiah2 to find the descendants of Zeniff, declared himself to be "a descendant of Zarahemla" (Mosiah 7:13). Another descendant of Zarahemla was a man named Coriantumr (see Helaman 1:15). This man was a "dissenter from among the Nephites." He would have been either a great-grandson or a great-great-grandson of Zarahemla. That he is mentioned as a dissenter gives the impression that although the other royal members of the Mulekite family went along primarily with the Nephite kingship, there could have been a lingering disaffection by some of the people of Zarahemla with respect to the transfer of power from Mosiah1 to Benjamin, and from Benjamin to Mosiah2, especially when "the people of Zarahemla were much more numerous than the Nephites" (Mosiah 25:2). [Alan C. Miner, Personal Notes]

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary