“Two Hundred Years Had Passed Away”

W. Cleon Skousen

Jarom appears to have stopped writing in this record right after verse 4. Some 20 years later he picks up the stylus again to tell us what has been happening. He says that 200 years have now passed away since Lehi's colony left Jerusalem. He is also pleased to report that all the hard work of the past 20 years has not been in vain. The Nephites have become strong again in the land. They have been observing the law of Moses and keeping the Sabbath day holy. They no longer profane the name of God nor blaspheme. In fact, he says the enforcement of the laws of God by the leaders of the people has been exceedingly strict. All through the Book of Mormon it will be noted that when the laws of the Lord are strictly enforced the people prosper.

The Nephites have been multiplying and spreading out across the land, and so have the Lamanites. In fact, the Lamanites have exceeded the Nephites in number. Unfortunately, the Lamanites continue to indulge in preying upon their fellow men and committing murder. They also drink the blood of beasts.

Jarom says the Lamanites have been attacking his people over and over again. Fortunately, however, the leaders of the Nephites are mighty men with great faith in the Lord who have taught the people the ways of the Lord. Therefore they have succeeded in driving the Lamanites out of the land each time they have attacked. Recently the Nephites have begun to fortify their cities and the lands which they occupy.

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