“Whatsoever Thing Ye Shall Ask in Faith believing That Ye Shall Receive in the Name of Christ, Ye Shall Receive It”

Bryan Richards

There are a few promises in the Book of Mormon that are repeated over and over again. Apparently, we don't learn without repetition. This promise, as given to Enos, is a marvelous promise that is too often taken for granted. It is taken for granted because the reader does not really believe what the Lord has promised. This is the famous tendency to believe in Christ but not to believe Christ, "The real question is 'Do we believe Christ?' It is one thing to believe in him and quite another to believe him (Robinson 8-12)." (Book of Mormon Symposium Series, edited by PR Cheesman, MS Nyman, and CD Tate, Jr., 1988, p. 178).

Indeed, we should remember the words of Enos, that God could not lie (v. 6). When the Lord promises to give us whatever we want, as long as we ask in faith believing in his name, he means what he says. We have no reason to doubt, no reason to waver else we become like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed (James 1:6).