strtoupper('“I') Began to Feel a Desire for the Welfare of My Brethren the Nephites”

Notice that Enos does not stop praying because he has received a remission of his sins. He merely changes subjects. There are three main topics in the prayer of Enos: 1) his own standing before the Lord, 2) the welfare of the Nephites, and 3) that the Lord would preserve a record to be brought to the Lamanites. These three subjects are in a very logical order. One's first concern is with self, next with friends and family, and lastly with the enemy. Enos is full of sufficient charity to be concerned about all three.

Ironically, the answer that he receives regarding the Nephites is not as positive as the one concerning the Lamanites. This is because the Nephites will be eventually cursed for turning away from the law. They sinned against the truth and therefore, their transgressions will I bring down with sorrow upon their own heads. The tone of the Lord regarding the Nephites is that they had received only good things from the Lord—the land of Promise, the commandments, the Law, and the prophets—therefore, they should have known better than to reject the Lord.

Bryan Richards -

Bryan Richards