strtoupper('“T')rusting in the God and Rock of Their Salvation”

Before he died, Jacob wanted future generations to know that the Nephites were not a self-centered people. They were not just anxious to save themselves only, but also the Lamanites. In the best missionary tradition they had devised many means to restore these brethren to a knowledge of the truth. But tragically, all of their efforts were in vain. It would be some 400 years before the Nephite missionaries would finally make a breakthrough in converting the Lamanites. Meanwhile, the Lamanites maintained an eternal hatred against the Nephites. Not only that, but instead of going away and pursuing their own traditions, the Lamanites waged guerrilla warfare against the Nephites continually.

This forced the Nephites to exert the greatest possible effort to continually fortify themselves, but the Lord did bless them with continuous victory, but they were attacked continuously. This was a long period of frustration and warfare.

W. Cleon Skousen -

W. Cleon Skousen

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