The Multitude were Overcome That They Fell to the Earth

Bryan Richards

Apparently the confession of Sherem made quite an impact. They were so affected that they were overcome with the Spirit. Intense spiritual experiences often have the effect of draining one's physical strength. This seems to be the case with Lehi following a vision he received (1 Nephi 1:7). Three other examples of this phenomenon are as follows, 1) Daniel sees the Lord in a glorious vision, then remarks, and there remained no strength in me (Dan 10:8), 2) king Lamoni had been overcome by the spirit for two days, when he awoke he announced, I have seen my Redeemer…. Now, when he had said these words, his heart was swollen within him, and he sunk again with joy; and the queen also sunk down, being overpowered by the Spirit (Alma 19:13), and 3) Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon saw the vision of the three degrees of glory together while at the Johnson farm in Hiram, Ohio. There were other men in the room who witnessed their countenances as they received D&C section 76. One of these men, Philo Dibble recorded the scene as follows, "Joseph sat firmly and calmly all the time in the midst of a magnificent glory, but Sidney sat limp and pale, apparently as limber as a rag, observing which, Joseph remarked, smilingly, 'Sidney is not as used to it as I am.'" (Juvenile Instructor, May 1892, pp. 303-4) See also 1 Nephi 17:47.