strtoupper('T')he Teachings of Sherem the Antichrist

Sherem is one of the first avowed anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon. It might be profitable, therefore, to review his teachings, because later anti-Christs (Nehor, Korihor, etc.) teach essentially these same things. Sherem (1) preached those things which were flattering unto the people (Jacob 7:2); (2) claimed that no man can tell of things to come (Jacob 7:7); (3) claimed to believe in the scriptures, but clearly did not understand them (Jacob 7:10-11); (4) denied the existence of Christ (Jacob 7:9); (5) would not accept evidence unless it could be perceived through the physical senses, and thus asked for a sign he could feel (Jacob 7:13).

Daniel H. Ludlow -

Daniel H. Ludlow

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