“Do Not Reject the Words of Christ”

Monte S. Nyman

Following a general plea for repentance (vv. 5–7), Jacob poses some thought-provoking questions. The first question, “Will ye reject these words?” refers to the allegory (v. 8). Remember that this allegory was written probably long before 600 B.C. It has been fulfilled exactly as foretold through the first four periods and it is well into the fifth. That the remainder of it will be fulfilled is certain; therefore, we should not reject the allegory.

The second question is, “Will ye reject the words of the prophets?” Zenos is not the only prophet who has foretold the destiny of Israel. Every aspect of the allegory can be supported or supplemented by other prophets.

The third question, “Will ye reject all the words which have been spoken concerning Christ, after so many have spoken concerning him?” is another affirmation that all the prophets have testified of Christ (see Jacob 4:4–5; 7:11 and comments). Jacob then enumerates other ways we can learn the truth about Christ—by Christ’s own word, by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and by the witness of the Holy Spirit. Those who reject these sources mock the great plan of redemption of Israel and will be brought to stand “with shame and awful guilt before the bar of God” (Jacob 6:9).

Book of Mormon Commentary: These Records Are True