“I Have Nourished It This Long Time and Only a Part of the Tree Hath Brought Forth Tame Fruit”

W. Cleon Skousen

The master then turned his attention to a third transplant which had been carefully nourished for a long time. The master had great expectations from this transplant because unlike the other two, he had placed this in a good spot of ground. In fact, in verse 43 we are told that it "was choice unto me above all other parts of the land of my vineyard." But amazingly, part of this tree had brought forth tame fruit and the other part had produced wild fruit. The master said he had nourished this tree just like the others.

The master decided that he would prune off the branches producing wild fruit and cast them into the fire. The servant, however, felt that even these branches could be made productive and bring forth good fruit if the tree were further nourished and cultivated. Apparently the master consented because they both set about to nourish this tree along with all other parts of the vineyard. From all the circumstances, this third transplant to the most choice part of the land would appear to be the American Israelites. Both the Lamanites and Nephites remained united for a period of time following Christ's ministry, but in 231 A.D. they had split again and the Lamanites were producing wild fruit while the Nephites remained "true believers in Christ."9

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