strtoupper('“W')e Labored Diligently Among Our People”

Jacob notes that during the time of Nephi's life and reign, both Nephi and he strove to teach diligently. This wording so closely resembles Nephi's statement in 2 Nephi 25 that it is possible that Jacob is referencing that statement. It would surely be likely that Jacob read what Nephi wrote prior to writing his own additions to the plates, and echoing that sentiment of his brother's serves to emphasize their joint and parallel concern for their people.

Jacob also places his task of teaching his people in the context of the Mosaic Exodus. He is not particularly creating a parallel at this time to the process of the Exodus, but rather to an event of the Exodus. For Jacob, the sacred history of the Jews provides models and types of the behaviors and reactions of his people. By placing their trials and tribulations into the context of the Exodus, he also places his people in the context of the blessings of the chosen people, reminding them that they share in those blessings directly and by right.

Brant Gardner -

Brant Gardner

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon