Many Shall Believe

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

“There are 756,000 living members of the Church, besides those who have died in the faith, or who once accepted it in their faith and afterwards by transgression lost the spirit of the work and departed from the Church, but, who, singularly enough in the majority of cases, still continue to assert their faith in the truth of the Book of Mormon; and those who have been brought to a belief in the Book of Mormon, but who have not had the courage to make the sacrifices involved in a public profession of their faith. A further evidence is the many tongues and languages into which the Book of Mormon has been translated.”—B. H. Roberts, quoted in, “Seven Claims of the Book of Mormon,” by Dr. John A. Widtsoe and Dr. Franklin S. Harris, Jr., p. 176.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 1