“The Kingdom of the Devil”

Brant Gardner

Not only should these verses be read together, but they should also be read in contrast to verse 17’s description of the redemption of the penitent. The great and abominable church will fall because it is not repentant. The kingdom of the devil will fall immediately after the great and abominable church falls because they are poetic equivalents. Like Isaiah, Nephi uses poetic repetition.

Both the great and abominable church and the kingdom of the devil refer to the devil’s reign but highlight different aspects of it. The great and abominable church operates in history on the earth and is, hence, the devil’s earthly organization. It is the literal and conceptual parallel of the kingdom of God. But while the kingdom of God will endure forever, the devil’s fall will end both his earthly and transearthly kingdom. He will have no dominion at all. He will be completely subject to God.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2