“I Will Proceed to Do a Marvelous Work Among This People”

K. Douglas Bassett

D&C 4:1; 6:1; 11:1; 12:1; 14:1; 18:44; Isa. 29:14

“More than seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ the Lord spoke through Isaiah of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel. Isaiah, by prophecy, spoke of the restoration of the new and everlasting covenant, and the Lord performing a ‘marvelous work and a wonder,’ which should cause ‘the wisdom of their wise men’ to be hid… . This marvelous work is the restoration of the Church and the Gospel with all the power and authority, keys and blessings which pertain to this great work for the salvation of the children of men.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, as quoted in Isaiah Plain and Simple, Brewster, p. 168)

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon