“The Laborer in Zion Shall Labor for Zion for if They Labor for Money They Shall Perish”

Bryan Richards

The enormous growth of the Mormon Church has created an interesting explosion of Mormon cultural paraphernalia. Books, videos, music, accessories, you name it, it has been produced and tailored to the "Mormon market." There are members of the church who seem to see no conflict with making money off this cultural phenomenon. The writings of Nephi warn the members of Zion about their motives in such endeavors. The quote of Hugh Nibley, as recorded above, is uniquely candid and honest.

A good example of performing ones labors in Zion with pure motives is seen in the work of Elder LeGrand Richards. A great lover of missionary work, Elder Richards donated all the proceeds of his Marvelous Work and a Wonder to the general missionary fund of the Church. The preface of his book states, "This book has been prepared and published without any monetary remuneration to the author. It is dedicated to the great missionary work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is so dear to the author's heart." He also put pressure on publishers to keep costs down, thereby making the book available to a greater audience at a low price (personal communication). Elder Richards clearly had pure motives in his labor in Zion.