“Come Unto Me buy Milk and Honey Without Money and Without Price”

Bryan Richards

Nephi again borrows from the prophecies of Isaiah. This passage, found in Isa 55:1, discusses how the blessings of the gospel can be obtained without money or material wealth. Although Nephi is using this passage to demonstrate that the Lord invites all to come unto him, the following explanation is useful. From the 1981 Old Testament Institute Manual:

"The invitation to come unto Christ and obtain those gifts without money and without price suggests not that they can be obtained without effort, however, but that one does not need the goods of this world to obtain them.
"Elder Marion G. Romney explained what price is required:

’When earth life is over and things appear in their true perspective, we shall more clearly see and realize what the Lord and his prophets have repeatedly told us, that the fruits of the gospel are the only objectives worthy of life’s full efforts. Their possessor obtains true wealth—wealth in the Lord’s view of values….

’I conceive the blessings of the gospel to be of such inestimable worth that the price for them must be very exacting, and if I correctly understand what the Lord has said on the subject, it is. The price, however, is within the reach of us all, because it is not to be paid in money nor in any of this world’s goods but in righteous living. What is required is whole hearted devotion to the gospel and unreserved allegiance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints….A half-hearted performance is not enough.’" (Conference Report, Oct. 1949, p. 39 as recorded in the O.T. Institute Manual, p. 203)