“O the Pain and the Anguish of My Soul”

Monte S. Nyman

Nephi does not dwell long on the righteous who will be saved (v. 8), for he sees another destruction coming. He recognizes the healing power of Christ, and the peace that will be among them for three generations and part of the fourth (vv. 8–9), but he laments the “speedy destruction” that will follow this peaceful period (v. 10). This destruction will be the end of the Nephites as a nation. Nephi gives two reasons for the Nephite destruction: (1) their pride and foolishness; and (2) their following the devil and choosing works of darkness (v. 10). The works of darkness were secret combinations that formed among them (cp v. 22). These two problems resulted in the withdrawal of the Spirit of the Lord and the speedy destruction of his people. This causes Nephi to grieve more (v. 11). These examples serve as a warning to the inhabitants of the earth today. Those who do not heed this warning will “go down to hell” like the wicked Nephites.

We now return to the prophecies of Isaiah that Nephi had recorded earlier.

Book of Mormon Commentary: I Nephi Wrote This Record