“The Law Ought to Be Done Away”

Brant Gardner

The Nephites have an apparent advantage over their counterparts in the Old World. This explicit revelation of the Messiah’s person and mission has prepared them with the correct understanding of the law. While the Jews of the Old World were convinced that they maintained their status as Yahweh’s chosen people through obedience to the laws, the New World Nephites understood that the law was to prepare them for its fulfillment through the coming Messiah.

Nephi certainly sees and predicts the time when the law is “done away.” Nevertheless, he understands that there is value in the law; for that reason, he and his posterity will keep the law until it is fulfilled. They also understand that their knowledge of the Messiah’s gospel was not sufficient to fulfill the law. For Nephi, the law is fulfilled in the person and atonement of Jesus Christ, not in his doctrine.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2