“There is None Other Name Given Under Heaven Save It Be This Jesus Christ whereby Man Can Be Saved”

Bryan Richards

As a missionary, I once had a long conversation with a Buddhist about the process of salvation. He contended that as many roads lead to Rome, there are just as many ways that one can reach heaven. He had asked me if it was possible for a Buddhist who never converted to Christianity in his lifetime could, according to my beliefs, be saved. I responded that he could, but there were qualifications. In discussing these qualifications, the doctrine that there is no other name whereby man can be saved was discussed. This is not what the Buddhist man wanted to hear. He thought that this Christian doctrine was narrow-minded and ethno-centric. It would be both of those things if it weren't the truth.

We understand from the scriptures that salvation comes only in and through the name of Jesus Christ. This applies to the Buddhist as well as to the Muslim. It applies to the Jew as well as to the Hindu. It applies to the atheist as well as the agnostic. There is no way around this doctrine, for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God (Mosiah 27:31).