“He Looked for Judgment and Behold Oppression for Righteousness but Behold a Cry”

Bryan Richards
“What is that special form of sin which Isaiah sees? It is human selfishness—the unbrotherhood of man to man….the cry which rises into his ears is the cry of stricken humanity—the cry of the poor and needy, the cry of the sad and weary…He hears God call him to lash the sins of the nation; but to him all the sins of the nation are forms of a single sin—selfishness….The burden of Isaiah is the burden of human compassion. It is the desire to right the wrongs which man has done to his brother.” (George Matheson, The Old Testament and the Fine Arts, 561-562 as taken from Commentaries on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, ed. by K. Douglas Bassett, [American Fork, UT: Covenant Publishing Co., 2003], 100)