“Seven Women Shall Take Hold of One Man”

Bryan Richards

So many men will be killed in the destructions and wars will which accompany the Second Coming that there will be an incredible difference in the number of living males and females. The culture of Isaiah, understandably, is reflected in his prophecies—as in the statement, ’only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach.’ Anciently, a woman who could have no children was described with the unflattering adjective, “barren.” This was because great emphasis was placed on marriage and a woman’s ability to have children.

“…‘seven women’ (meaning simply a lot of women) will request a man’s hand in marriage. Economic problems will be such that these women will be willing to provide their own food and clothing, contrary to the usual marriage customs. According to the Hebrew scriptures (Exodus 21:10), a man was required to provide a wife with food and clothing; but in this case Isaiah observes that the women are willing to waive that right. Having a good knowledge of the importance of marriage, they request a man to take away their reproach. In Isaiah’s day and, indeed, in many parts of the Near East today, it was and is a disgrace to remain unmarried.” (Book of Mormon compendium, by Sidney Sperry, chapter 11, 2 Nephi14)

Wilford Woodruff

“I had been reading the revelations…[when] a strange stupor came over me and I recognized that I was in the Tabernacle at Ogden. I arose to speak and said…I will answer you right here what is coming to pass shortly….I then looked in all directions…and I found the same mourning in every place throughout the Land. It seemed as though I was above the earth, looking down to it as I passed along on my way east and I saw the roads full of people principally women with just what they could carry in bundles on their backs…It was remarkable to me that there were so few men among them…Wherever I went I saw…scenes of horror and desolation rapine and death…death and destruction everywhere. I cannot paint in words the horror that seemed to encompass me around. It was beyond description or thought of man to conceive. I supposed that this was the End but I was here given to understand, that the same horrors were being enacted all over the country…Then a voice said ’Now shall come to pass that which was spoken by Isaiah the Prophet That seven women shall take hold of one man…’” (Journal of Wilford Woodruff, June 15, 1878 as taken from Isaiah: Prophet, Seer, and Poet, by Victor L. Ludlow, p. 109)