“Only Let Us Be Called by Thy Name to Take Away Our Reproach”

W. Cleon Skousen

Now we assume that Isaiah is still talking about the great wars in the latter days. After the slaughter of their armies there will be few men left. Notice that the women in this verse consider it a reproach not to be married and have children. In periods of rebellion and unrighteousness some women want to avoid the blessings of motherhood and the joys of raising a happy family. They say they want to be "liberated" from any such obligations.

But Isaiah says that when the great wars of the latter days have destroyed millions of men, the surviving women will offer to support themselves and enter into a plurality of wives, if they can just have a husband and a family. Of course the Lord forbids a plurality of wives unless it is under the patriarchal order of the priesthood. Jacob sets forth the Lord's discipline concerning the patriarchal order of marriage in a subsequent scripture. We come to it in Jacob 2:27-28.

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