“And Now I Nephi, Write More of the Words of Isaiah”

K. Douglas Bassett
In order to delight in Isaiah’s words we need to understand the spiritual and cultural and geographical barriers that separate us. This is not an overwhelming task. Nephi was telling us that Isaiah can be comprehended if we (1) seek the Holy Ghost as we study the words of Isaiah (2 Ne. 24:4), (2) understand the manner of prophesying among the Jews (2 Ne. 25:5), (3) become acquainted with the geography of the Holy Land (2 Ne. 25:6), and (4) know the judgments of God (specifically the blessing versus cursing relationship as outlined in the law of Moses) (2 Ne. 25:6).

(John Lewis Lund, Religious Educators’ Symposium: on the Old Testament [Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1979], 194.)

Commentaries on Isaiah: In the Book or Mormon