“Whose Flame Ascendeth Up Forever and Ever and Has No End”

W. Cleon Skousen

Following this great vision of the history of the world in which everyone gets to see his life as well as the benevolent handiwork of God, there will be the great judgment. By this time the righteous will have been redeemed by the Savior and the wicked will have been redeemed by paying for their own sins, and this leaves only Satan and his angels and the sons of perdition who betrayed God to be cast into outer darkness.

We learn that Satan and his angels, as well as the sons of perdition, will all be stripped of their tabernacles and cast back again into outer darkness from which we originally came. This is described in the Doctrine and Covenants 29:29 and 88:32. Concerning those who lose their tabernacle, Brigham Young said: "The second death will decompose all tabernacles over whom it gains the ascendancy and this is the effect of the second death, the tabernacles go back to their native element." This is from the Journal of Discourses 4:54. Heber C. Kimball says the same thing in Journal of Discourses 5:95. After Satan and his hosts have lost their spirit bodies and the sons of perdition have lost their resurrected bodies, there is nothing left but the stripped, naked intelligence to be cast back into outer darkness as described in Doctrine and Covenants 88:32.

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