strtoupper('A') Temple Like Solomon’s

Solomon’s temple was only a small building measuring about 90 feet in length and 30 feet in width and height. Hence, it was not larger than many of our meetinghouses. But the children of Israel were proud of their temple because of the very costly ornaments with which it was embellished… .

Many of you brethren who are comfortably fixed financially, could, single handed, build a temple like Solomon’s temple with your own means. You might be obliged to follow the example of Nephi in not furnishing the building with so much silver and gold or so many precious things as did Solomon, but I venture to say that it was quite possible for a small number of Nephites to erect a temple as large as that erected by Solomon, omitting the costly ornamentations.

(Andrew Jenson, Conference Report, Oct. 1923, pp. 126, 128)

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