“I Will Feed Them That Oppress Thee with Their Own Flesh”

W. Cleon Skousen

The scriptures indicate that the wicked Gentiles who will not respond to the gospel message will seek to overthrow the Lord's headquarters on the American continent, and they will be especially determined to suppress the work of the restored gospel. At some point in time the threat is going to be so ominous that it will be terrifying to contemplate. But the Lord promises in verse 26 that an astonishing thing will occur. Instead of annihilating the free nations on the western hemisphere, the wicked Gentiles will begin a great fratricidal war among themselves. They will slaughter one another until they become drunken with their own blood. When it is all over the whole world will know that it is the Lord who has intervened in behalf of his people in order to save them in their hour of peril.

Now a concluding thought. Having examined the tremendous promises contained in this chapter, it is obvious why Nephi would select it along with Isaiah 48, to use as a frame of reference in discussing the great events of the latter days. His commentary on these two chapters will be found in 1 Nephi 22. It is interesting to note that when Nephi was unfolding the meaning of these two chapters, he became anxious lest he might be revealing too much. He therefore concluded his commentary with this statement: "And now I, Nephi, make an end; for I durst not speak further as yet concerning these things."6 It will be recalled that the Lord had warned him earlier that he was not to record everything which he was shown.

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